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Star Light Observing
Astronomy Images
Photographed with a SONY® DCR-TRV27E Digital Video Camera Recorder.
Astro Images - © GAK
On December 4, 2002 the moon past in front of the Sun 
~ 17:40 to 19:40 ACST, with totality ~ 18:40 ACST.
One of the best places to view this was Ceduna, South Australia 
and there were 1,000's of people in attendance.
Ceduna, SA eclipse 4 Dec. 2002
To download a Zipped AVI (~ 450 Kb, in 320 x 240 pix.) 
of the last 10 seconds of this eclipse CLICK HERE.
To play the animation you'll need to have DivX 5.0 Codex 
installed on your computer.
This is a series of stills images of the Sun 
in totality, eclipsed by the moon for 32 seconds.
Camera is Zoomed from ~x10 to ~x20 optically by means of
a telephoto lense, unfiltered and converted from jpg to gif.

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