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Star Light Observer is Star Light Observing
 Astronomy Animation 
(Best viewed at screen setting of 800x600x16bit or higher all material is protected)

The below animation were originally created in 1994, 640x480x16m taking around 30Mb each.
Transferred to web for display 11/1999 and reduced 160x120x64 to ~300's  Kb each in GIF format.
Each animation started as a 2D image and computer processed into 3D, taking 100s of PC hours.

175KB Moon Animation #1
#1  175KB @14.4KbDLT= ~2min
Picture taken by Steven Williams, 
Grove Creek Observatory.

Animation by Gary Kennedy, 
Star Light Observer.
(Animation is of Earth's moon)

415KB Moon Animation #2
#2  415KB @14.4KbDLT= ~5min
Animation #1 and #2 are of the earth's moon, taken from a photograph by Steven Williams.
Each photo was scanned into a computer and rendered into 3 Dimensions. Using a special computer program,
a series of realistic 3D views along a selected path were made, with the images strung into an animation.
#1 is a dive into a lunar valley, then over a plateau and back out again. 
#2 is a fly over the same valley, bank right and fly out through a pass.
260KB Moon Animation #3
#3  260 KB @14.4KbDLT= ~3min
Picture and 
Animation by Gary Kennedy,
Star Light Observatory.

(Animation is of Earth's moon)

283KB Moon Animation #4
#4  283 KB @14.4KbDLT= ~3min
Animation #3 and #4 are also of the earth's moon, taken from video tape by me, Gary Kennedy.
A series of images (frames) were captured into a computer, merged  and rendered into 3 Dimensions.
Then using the same special computer program, realistic 3D views along a selected path were made,
with the resultant images strung into a GIF animation.
#3 is a flying through a lunar valley, #4 is a dive into a lunar crater, and fly over the local lunarscape.
320KB Horse Head Nebula Animation #1
#5  320 KB @14.4KbDLT= ~4min
Picture Taken by
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Photo by David Malin.

Animation by Gary Kennedy

(Image is Horse Head Nebula)

Horse Head Nebula AAT image
Horse head nebula.jpg
Animation #5 is of the horse head nebula, taken from a photograph (Right) by David Malin.
The photo was rendered into 3 Dimensions, using a special computer program, 
a series of realistic 3D views were created and a flight along a selected path plotted. 
In this case a very shallow path over the dark matter that makes up the horse head.
When the animation is paused, you can make out the snout of the horse (middle top) and mane (right).
In the flyby you'll briefly see two dark spots (bottom right), these are stars within or behind the nebula.
The accuracy of the images within the animation is unknown, 
this is the computer's best guess of what it might look like if you were there.

More animation will be placed here, these are the best I've done so far, but are not the best I can do.

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